Chess fun with Grandmaster

Dear Parents,

  We are excited to announce that students can participate in a weekly event called Fun Chess with Grandmaster. This event will begin on Sunday, April 14. First in this event, GM Savchenko will play a simul against everyone. Afterwards, he will review everyone’s games. Lastly, he will collaborate and gift his personal tips on how they can progress as a chess player. Kids can also challenge each other, including GM, to a friendly blitz. 

Fee  $25 per kid for 3 hours ! 


          -9 AM TO 12 PM-
          -2 PM TO  5 PM-

LOCATION: 8751 Collin McKinney parkway unit 204 ,Mckinney , TX 
 Spots are limited (12 kids)

Opening hours

  • Open daily
    9 AM - 8:30 PM
  • except on Thursday
  • Thursday
    9 AM - 1:00 PM