Group lessons by GM Babakuli Annakov

Schedule of GM Annakovs lessons

We're proud to announce our opening. We are excited to bring you group lessons with a max size of 6 students, 4 minimum. We have made group pricing available for the following categories. 

Players rated 0-1500 will pay 50$ per 1 class per  week. With no change in price until their rating reaches 2200. Below group lessons will be coached only by Gm Annakov Babakuli

Players rated 1500-2000 will pay 60$ per 1 class per week. With no change in price until their rating reaches 2200

All players coming in with a rating over 2000 will pay 70$ per 1 class per week.

Fridays starts April 6, 2018: 

  • Group 1 (beginners, 700 - 1200 rated players)  starts @5pm till 5-50pm.
  • Group 2 ( players with rating 1200-1500) starts at 6pm till 6-50pm.

Sundays starts April 8, 2018:

  • Group 1 (beginners, 700 - 1200 rated players) starts @ 5pm till 5-50pm 
  • Group 2 (players with rating 1200-1500) starts 6pm till 6-50pm.   

Please register by emailing to 

Payment and refund policy

With our classes we require monthly payment at the start of each month for lessons. If a situation should occur where a student needs to cancel a lesson we must receive at least 24 hour notice to issue a full refund. If notice is given with less than 24 hours we will refund half the price of the class. In a month the most we will refund is two full classes with prior notice.

Opening hours

  • Open daily
    9 AM - 8:30 PM
  • except on Thursday
  • Thursday
    9 AM - 1:00 PM