Annakov Chess Academy seeks to promote chess across the world. We believe that chess is a great tool that can help young children become more successful in life. All our coaches are Grandmasters with 5-15 years of coaching experience. We have individual approach to every student that helps them master important chess and life skills. After completing our educational programs, most of our students enroll at the best colleges in the US, such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and etc.


A world where every child knows how to play chess and has means to improve at the game and enjoy the process of learning. We are here to provide these means at the highest level.

Core Values:

Respect, Creativity, Learning, and Communication.

Every person, regardless of their age, wants to be able to express their creativity and be heard. We encourage learning, because acquiring knowledge allows people to be innovative in a right way. At the same time, respect and communication assure that innovative ideas are spread out across the world.


Opening hours

  • Open daily
    9 AM - 8:30 PM
  • except on Thursday
  • Thursday
    9 AM - 1:00 PM