GM Sergey Matsenko

Sergey Matsenko is a Russian chess grandmaster. Sergey was born in 1990, he earned his international master title in 2007 and his grandmaster title in 2018. He is the No. 70 ranked Russian player as of December 2019.

Sergey holds two bachelor's degrees in law and engineering from South Ural State University. In 2017, Sergey joined to the Texas tech chess team. He was studying for a master's degree in industrial engineering at Texas tech.

Sergey has won different competitions as a Texas tech chess team member, including last Pan-American collegiate chess championship 2019.

Sergey has won and shared first place in various international tournaments all over the world:

Chelyabinsk Chmp. 2011 open EKRO-10

III Memorial A. Panchenko 2011

Marienbad Open 2013 – A

First Saturday GM Nov 2013

Prague Open 2014 - A - IM open

UralFR Chmp. 2015 Men

FE 8 I Dioscuri 2015

FE 6 Terra degli Elimi 2015

XII Zudov Memorial 2016

2018 Saint Louis Norm Congress – IM

2019 Saint Louis Invitational - GM Norm

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